Flexing Couplings

Oct. 11, 2008
Nordex Flexing Couplings are available in two styles; Six Beam Couplings when flexibility is needed and Three Beam Couplings for more torsionally rigid requirements. Both styles offer no backlash and are reversible. Flexing Couplings are obtainable in stainless steel or aluminum material, with set screw or clamp hubs. Inch and Metric sizes, as well as special bore combinations and plastic materials, are available on request. Nordex Flexing Couplings will readily accommodate any combination of axial motion, angular and parallel misalignment. These coupling are ideal for power transmission applications such as stepper motors and servo motors in motion control systems. They can also be used in precision applications such as those involving encoders and tachogenerators or where there is a need to compensate for misalignment, maintain constant velocity, and provide axial compliance. To learn more and browse Design Guide 2004, visit our Web site (www.nordex.com) or contact: Fax: (203) 775-6552, e-mail: [email protected]