Variable Crimp Machine

Oct. 4, 2008
Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has introduced a new Weatherhead® hose crimping machine that offers a wide crimp capability and outstanding ease of use at a competitive price. The new ET1280 variable crimp machine will handle virtually all Weatherhead® hose styles through -20 SAE100R12 hose and fittings. The key benefit of the new ET1280 variable crimp machine is a dial indicator that is used to control crimp diameter, providing a high degree of precision while maintaining the ability to adjust finished crimp diameter to meet application requirements. “The ET1280 builds on the proven design history of Eaton crimp machines,” said Terry A. Newsome, Eaton product manager for the Weatherhead line. “It uses the same basic frame and construction as well as a quick-change crimp cage to simplify the operator’s task and makes the crimp machine easy to use.” The ET1280 also uses traditional one-piece collets. Power is supplied by a high volume hand pump, a turbo air/hydraulic power unit, or a 12-volt DC power unit. The ET1280 is also compatible with any 10,000 psi hydraulic power source. Eaton offers the ET1280 in a robust upright model that can be mounted to service vehicles or your shop bench. The upright model comes standard with a work light and a 110-volt, 1.5 HP electric power unit. • Crimper Dimensions: 13”W x 25.75”D x 29”H • Weight: 253 lbs. • Pump Requirements • Reservoir Capacity: 50 cubic inches or more (820 cc) • Pressure Rating: 10,000 psi (690 bar