Spare parts from Electro-Sensors onsite in time for your holiday maintenance shutdown

Nov. 23, 2008

Electro-Sensors can meet all your repair/spare part needs for shaft speed switches and sensors, ratemeters, vibration, position, and temperature monitors. Contact us now for application assistance and we will help with your maintenance projects whether it's a new application, repairing a worn component, upgrading an old system, or simply re-stocking spare parts.

Good reasons to contact us now...before your year-end shutdown:

• Prompt shipping - product arrives before your shutdown starts
•  2008 prices are still in effect - beat next year's price increase
•  Rugged and reliable components and systems - easy to set up and calibrate
•  Excellent technical support before and after your purchase
•  Field rep support - onsite application assistance
•  All products warrantied against failure or defects
•  Safeguard your systems against costly, unscheduled downtime