Charger 2022 DB Battery Burnisher Features Optional Ride-On Sulky

Nov. 26, 2008
The new Charger 2022 DB 20-inch battery burnisher has been added to NSS Enterprises’ redesigned battery burnisher line.  This new burnisher features a unique option, a ride-on Sulky attachment, which allows the operator to ride behind the machine, increasing productivity without the expense and maintenance of a ride-on burnisher.  “The Sulky attachment is perfect for burnishing large, open areas,” says Dale Krausnick, NSS vice president of marketing and product development.  Attendees at ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America voted the Charger 2022 DB with Sulky to be the most innovative new release in the cleaning industry in the Power Equipment category at the convention held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in September.The new Charger offers greater convenience by producing a consistent high-gloss shine without the need for operator adjustment.  A head assembly that flips up 90 degrees from the operating position when the machine is not in use allows compact storage, as well as pad changes from the standing position for increased operator safety.  Additionally, an offset machine body keeps the operator centered in the work path for greater visibility.  Two features of the Charger 2022 DB simplify service.  The electronic components are grouped behind the back panel for easy access, and the digital readout displays service codes to speed diagnosis.  For enhanced durability and reliability, the machine uses a heavy-duty roller chain and sprockets drive system.According to Krausnick, “environmentally friendly features include a 12-gage steel machine body which is recyclable, minimizing waste disposal.  Additionally, an enhanced Vac-Trac dust collection system captures more pad dust than any other NSS burnisher for better Indoor Air Quality.”The Charger 2022 AB is the pad-assist model of the Charger 2022 DB, and includes many of the key features found on the wheel-drive machine.