Speed-Rail® Structural Slip-On Fittings

Oct. 28, 2008
Available exclusively through Hollaender® Manufacturing, Speed-Rail® is a line of structural slip-on pipe fittings that are used with aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and black iron pipe to construct handrail, safety rail and guardrail, as well as a wide variety of unique modular pipe and fitting based structures.  They are currently being used around the world in thousands of commercial, residential, industrial, public works and retail applications.  Speed-Rail fittings are cast from aluminum alloy 535, the most corrosive resistant aluminum casting alloy available.  With over 200 different fitting configurations available for five different pipe sizes, Speed-Rail is perfect for any indoor or outdoor pipe and fitting based project, from the simplest, to the most complex.  The system installs quickly, securely and cost effectively, especially when compared to welded and other more complex systems.  To securely attach to the pipe, Speed-Rail fittings feature a proprietary internal/external reverse knurl cup point set screw that provides tremendous resistance to loosening, and with full contact of the point of the screw to the pipe, resists pull out and rotational slip.  The only tools needed are a saw, hex key and tape measure.  Virtually any viable angle, connection, or pipe configuration can be designed and built using Speed-Rail.  Versatility and ease of construction make Speed-Rail the perfect choice if disassembly and reconfiguration may be necessary, such as in retail store fixturing applications.  All systems can be designed to meet OSHA, IBC, BOCA, SBC and UBC codes.