Super-Fast Robot Arm

April 7, 2017

ST R17HS is one of the industry's fastest robots, with standard tool speeds timed at over four times faster than the nearest competitor, yet it's less than half the price


The ST R17HS uses state-of-the-art brushless servomotors and boasts an effective reach of 750mm, a repeatability of 0.2 mm and a maximum speed after acceleration of 480 deg/sec in the robot's waist, elbow, hand, and wrist, with a shoulder speed of 300 deg/sec.


The $18,640 package price includes the R17HS robot arm, the new K11R controller, RoboForth II software, intuitive teach pad, simple interfacing with other equipment, cables, manuals, a two-year warranty and unlimited free technical support. Options include pneumatic, electric and vacuum grippers, and expandable I/O. As with all ST Robotics products, the exceptional manuals and support provided make installation and programming surprisingly easy. This phenomenally robust, self-contained, industrial robot system can be unpacked and programmed in just a few hours, yet it is capable of the most intricate tasks. Applications include testing, sample handling and machine feeding. The mean time between failures (MTBF) is 10,000 hours and typically over a million cycles. 


Also available, as a cost-saving comprise for $16,690, is the R17HSW, a high speed waist version of the R17 (5-axis) for applications that do not require much speed in a vertical direction but have long X-Y distances requiring long waist moves.



High power micro-stepped hybrid stepping motors
incremental encoder watchdogs


750mm/30ins in any direction; full 360 degree waist rotation

Payload (standard):

5-axis nominal 2Kg, max 3Kg 6-axis nominal 1Kg, max 2Kg at flange
(repeatability and speed degrade with increasing payload and reach).


0.2 mm

droop at 500 mm at nominal payload:
droop at max reach, max payload:

1.0 mm
6 mm

Maximum speed (after acceleration):

Waist 150 deg/sec, Shoulder 120 deg/sec, Elbow 180deg/sec,
hand and wrist 220deg/sec, 6th axis roll 220deg/sec. (approx 800mm/s)

Max torque for hand pitch or roll:
(6th axis version hand pitch and yaw)

2 Nm (repeatability figures degrade with increasing torque).

Max torque for 6th axis roll:

0.4 Nm


5-axis 22.0Kg/49lbs, 6-axis 23.0Kg/52lbs, Controller 11.1kg/25lbs


110/240v ac 420VA (standard controller)


IP 54A, 0 - 40C (wider range optional)


20,000 hours (typically over a million cycles)