CutMaster® XKS™ Gloves: Extreme protection, comfort and durability

Dec. 11, 2008
The next generation of cut-resistant hand protection has arrived with the release of Magid Glove & Safety’s new CutMaster® XKS™ Work Gloves. Manufactured from Magid’s signature XKS Yarn, these new machine knit gloves earn an ANSI Cut Level 4 rating - as much as two-and-a-half times greater cut protection than gloves made from a 100% aramid or HPPE yarn of a similar weight. Thanks to the inherent strength and black coloration of XKS Yarn, CutMaster XKS Gloves are able to withstand the most grueling applications and work conditions while effectively hiding dirt and grime to extend wear and reduce the rate of disposal or laundering required.Manufactured exclusively by Magid using a proprietary yarn blending and fiber spinning technology, XKS Yarn is made from a unique combination of stainless steel wire, Kevlar® and high performance fibers. The result is a low-linting yarn that offers superb cut protection with virtually no wire popping, delivering extreme durability and ensuring long-term comfort. CutMaster XKS Gloves’ toughness in the field and in the wash can extend usage up to two to three times longer than gloves made from other cut-resistant materials.“With such benefits as an ANSI Level 4 cut resistance, dark coloration and increased durability, one would expect CutMaster XKS Work Gloves to carry a premium over lower performing alternatives,” said Adam Cohen, executive vice president of Magid Glove & Safety. “In fact, Magid has been able to utilize its in-house research and development and manufacturing capabilities to set an ultra competitive price for the entire line of CutMaster XKS Gloves, effectively making them the best cut-protection value on the market today.”Keeping comfort and productivity in mind, CutMaster XKS Gloves employ a seamless, form-fitting shape that enhances agility and dexterity, while the reversible design, color-coded series labels and color-coded wristbands by size make for easy sorting after laundering. CutMaster XKS Gloves are currently offered in five different weights and constructions ranging from a mediumweight knit to a heavyweight terrycloth to meet the needs of even the most rigorous industrial applications. These include, but are not limited to, automotive manufacturing, metal fabrication, metal stamping, household appliance assembly, material handling, aerospace manufacturing, paper production and glass fabrication.CutMaster XKS 200 Work Gloves are mediumweight XKS yarn blended, 7-gauge machine knit gloves that provide excellent, all around hand protection for assembly work and material handing. Made from an elasticized XKS yarn blend, CutMaster XKS 210 Work Gloves employ a 10-gauge, high density construction to deliver custom fit protection, extending glove wear and bringing comfort and agility to even the most demanding task. CutMaster XKS 300 Work Gloves are made from a 7-gauge, XKS yarn blend knit and feature a reinforced thumb crotch, offering unparalleled protection for heavy duty applications requiring the handling of sheet metal, glass or materials with sharp and jagged edges. Available in sizes from 7 to 10, CutMaster XKS 200 Gloves are priced $45.43/dozen, CutMaster XKS 210 Gloves are priced $57.16/dozen, and CutMaster XKS 300 Gloves are priced $66.12/dozen with discounts available for quantity purchases.Two high performance, loops out terrycloth gloves round out the CutMaster XKS line. CutMaster XKS 400 Terrycloth Gloves employ a mediumweight XKS yarn blend knit construction and reinforced thumb crotch to safeguard hands from cuts while ensuring excellent grip in the presence of heat, oils and lubricants. Also featuring a reinforced thumb crotch, heavyweight CutMaster XKS 450 Terrycloth Gloves are the cut protection champions and the ideal choice for metal stamping or any extreme application that requires an unsurpassed level of durability, wear, and performance. Available in sizes 7, 9 and 10, CutMaster XKS 400 Gloves are priced $69.92/dozen and CutMaster XKS 450 Gloves are priced $82.69/dozen with discounts also available for quantity purchases. * Medium weight XKS™ blend provides cutting edge cut protection * ANSI Cut Level 4 * Dark coloration hides dirt and grime * Knit wrist cuff * Color-coded overdge by size * Reversible, seamless construction