VersaTek Glove Coating Stands Up to All Environments

March 8, 2023
Magid's glove coating adapts to any environment so workers can get the job done without sacrificing safety, comfort, grip or dexterity.

VersaTek coating is an intelligent and durable technology that adapts to almost any environment so workers can get the job done without having to sacrifice safety, comfort, grip or dexterity.


Specially engineered stabilizers allow this intelligent coating technology to read the environment and adapt to amplify the worker's grip when working in wet, dry, slick, abrasive or oily conditions. Along with an amazing grip, VersaTek is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility so workers can maintain natural hand movements and precision when handling small parts. Plus, this coating delivers over 50% more abrasion resistance than other glove coatings like sandy nitrile or foam nitrile and consistently provides well above the minimum for the highest Level 6 abrasion level protection.


VersaTek palm coating will be available on some of Magid's gloves such as its AeroDex and DX+ Technology styles.