ShopTek™ Air Compressors

Dec. 24, 2008
Sullair Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of its new ShopTek™ lubricated rotary screw air compressor. These economical, efficient, reliable compressors combine Sullair's proven rotary screw technology in a compact belt-drive package which establishes new standards for continuous-duty compressors to meet the needs of small horsepower markets, such as: light manufacturing, cabinet and trim shops, auto body and tire shops, commercial laundries, and an endless number of other applications.Sullair ShopTek™ compressors are available in eight models ranging from 5 to 20 horsepower, with capacities from 17 to 78 acfm, and pressures from 125 to 175 psig. All models are available with an optional Performance Air System that includes a Sullair dryer and Sullair filter. An 80 or 120 gallon storage tank completes the Performance Air System package.  All components in the System are perfectly matched and sized to meet varying air quality and performance requirements, eliminating the need to pay for nonessential extras.Along with the exceptional performance and reliability that is Sullair’s trademark, the ShopTek™ air compressor is simple to install with a small footprint for better utilization of floor space. It also features a durable enclosure that reduces sound levels as low as 66 dBA and is easily removed for routine maintenance procedures. The conveniently located control panel provides access to an integrated full voltage starter.  The advanced ST Controller helps match output to demand and monitors status of key operating parameters.• 5 to 20 hp • Capacities from 17 to 78 acfm • Pressures from 125 to 175 psig • Easily adjusted & aligned V-Belt system with protective belt guard • Easily removable enclosure facilitates ease-of-maintenance • Noise level as low as 66 dBA