Ultra-Small Pancake-style Gimbal Motors

May 4, 2022
The Gimbal Motors from Orbex Group are electronically commutated and lightweight.

Engineered to minimize cogging torque, the line of ultra-small high-performance Gimbal Motors ensures smooth rotation for stable imaging or pointing. Featuring a pancake-style form factor, they are wound to operate at low speeds while exhibiting a high torque constant for fast response when needed.


Because these brushless motors are electronically commutated, they can change speeds quickly and feature dependability. An important characteristic for drones, UAVs, and other airborne craft that need to maximize flight time, the motors are also lightweight.


In addition to the two standard sizes, Orbex can engineer a motor according to your application needs. The motors also allow users to easily integrate a magnetic encoder for feedback.

  • Minimal cogging torque
  • Brushless construction
  • Lightweight to maximize flight time