Online Monitoring, Analysis of Vibration for Machine Health

Dec. 18, 2008
Engineering for longevity. WAGO Corporation’s 750-645 2-Channel Vibration and Roller Bearing Monitoring Module (VIB-I/O) tracks machine vibration conditions. Based on ISO’s 10816-3 mechanical vibration standard, the 750-645 VIB-I/O’s channels monitor and analyze vibration severity and shock pulse feedback using WAGO’s 750-925 Tandem-Piezo® acceleration sensor. Mechanical shock pulse process data is transmitted to superior control systems (e.g., Manufacturing Execution System) via fieldbus. The resulting analysis provides the basis for an anticipatory maintenance schedule. This ensures component replacement only when necessary, avoiding unforeseen downtime. In the event of excessive vibration, the 750-645 VIB-I/O can enact a shutdown, preventing further damage.  Vibration Monitoring Module/Sensor Combo Provides Plant-Wide Efficiency: The 750-645 VIB-I/O eliminates time-consuming collection of machine health data by handheld devices. Programming is also efficient. The easy-to-program 750-645 enables configuration of “good,” “warning” and “fault” limits via WAGO-I/O-CHECK software. Set alarm and warning threshold in the process image or in WAGO-I/O-CHECK. “The 750-645 VIB-I/O is a proactive way to ensure plant efficiency,” said Mark DeCramer, Product Manager – WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. “Continuous online analysis of machine health conditions via fieldbus can potentially save thousands of dollars by preventing machine downtime, emergency repairs and costly scrap.”The 750-645 module and 750-925 sensor can be combined with any of the 300+ digital, analog and specialty modules in the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM to create comprehensive monitoring systems. Both components are in stock.