Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Jan. 10, 2009
TRD Manufacturing, a Bimba Company, today announced the introduction of their new HH Series Cylinders, which feature an innovative design to deliver more reliability in heavy-duty industrial hydraulic operations. All HH Series models come in bore sizes 1.50”, 2”, 2.50”, 3.25”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”. Requests are made-to-order, with standard and custom options available. Cylinders usually ship in two to three days and most requests are answered the day they are received. As part of the HH series, TRD offers a complete line of hydraulic Rod Locks. Cutting-edge floating rod bushing technology ensures that these rod locks achieve their high rated holding force and stay correctly aligned. This reduces cylinder drag, wear and erratic operation, thereby ultimately improving performance, consistency and results.Each rod lock model is available in three different holding forces, depending on the release pressure. And, with the ability to handle up to 3,000 PSI, these precision-machined cylinders can be used on most heavy-duty applications.Other standard features include a heavy-duty rod wiper, seals, wear band, chrome plated I.D tube and more. Rod locks, stop tubes, center supports, stainless steel piston rods and high impact pistons are also available as performance options. Accessories include clevis, pins, mounts and alignment couplers up to a 5” thread size.