Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is pleased to introduce the MARKINGenius, an all new, high-speed desktop thermal printer for industrial labels.  The MARKINGenius is ten times faster than a regular plotter system and can be quickly installed on your PC via LTP or USB ports.  Using thermal transfer technology to produce identification and labeling media for wire marking, terminal blocks, cables, tubing, panel building components and equipment of all types, the MARKINGenius prints True Type fonts in black and over 4,000 other colors. This system is also capable of printing Clipart images, drawings and bitmaps down to very small dimensions.     One of the main features of the MARKINGenius is its speed. There is no warming up or positioning process. For example, to print 1000 wire or terminal block labels with 8 characters takes one hour using a plotter, but with the MARKINGenius, the same task can be accomplished in just over six minutes. Printed markers are available for immediate use since the deposited pigment from the ribbon dries the moment it is printed. This saves the user time because the markers can be installed without having to wait for the ink to dry.     In addition to high speed printing, the MARKINGenius offers incredibly long-life ribbons that are capable of printing more than 150,000 MG-TPMF 4 X 10mm cable tags. The MARKINGenius software features an “economizer” function that maximizes the ribbon life based on the actual coverage of the markers. This allows the user to calculate the cost of each “sheet” of printed markers by measuring the print coverage.     One of the most impressive features that customers who have used plotter systems will like is that there is absolutely “no maintenance”. No messy pens, no ink to deal with, no testing of pens, no setup, no cleaning, just enter your job information and go! Additionally the system is so quiet, clean and compact that it can be located and operated on a desk in your front office without disturbing your employees.