Line of Pre-Cut Cap Liners

Feb. 10, 2009
Pres-On, a leading manufacturer of adhesive products, today announced it has expanded its line of pre-cut cap liners to include several new types to better meet the varied needs of the packaging industry.Providing cost-effective quality and aesthetic appeal, Pres-On's newest cap liner designs are: foam polyethylene; S105 and S70 foil seal; pressure seal; pulp and foil seal; and lift and peel with built-in tabs. Standard cap sizes are 20-120mm, but Pres-On offers additional custom diameters, shapes and substrates for unique applications. The caps are designed for trouble-free use with existing packaging machinery including induction sealers, and rarely require the manufacturer to make cap design changes when switching over to the Pres-on brand. In addition, many of the foil caps can be printed on to highlight specific product names or promotions.Pres-On cap liners' sealing characteristics provide an effective barrier to air and moisture for a wide range of "factory fresh" products, from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to oils and aggressive chemicals.