Positech Corp. Introduces New Articulated Jib Arm Under Conco Brand Name

Feb. 19, 2009

Conco  Articulated Jib Lifter ideal for reach-in applications with low head room.

Laurens, IA-Feb. 17 2009:  Positech Corporation, the leading manufacturer of material handling equipment in North America, recently announced the introduction of its new Articulated Jib Lifter (AJL), under the Conco brand name, which combines high quality and ruggedness in an economically priced Articulating  Jib Arm. “The reach-in coupled with the lift and load ranges of the Conco AJL make it a very versatile yet cost effective material handling solution”, states Michael Olson, President of Positech Corporation.

The Conco AJL offers lifting capability from 165 to 665 pounds (75 to 302 kilograms) along with a lift range of up to 120 inches (3.05 meters) and a standard reach from 8 to 16 feet (2.44 to 4.88 meters) and can be used in a broad range of light to heavy lifting applications. The Conco AJL comes standard with a threaded interface at the end of cable and a safety latch hook at the end of chain. The Secondary arm can be mounted above the primary arm in low headroom clearance applications. The primary and secondary joints come standard with 360° continuous rotation. The Conco AJL has many available options including end-effectors. It can be mounted on an overhead trolley, pedestal, wall mounted or mounted on a mobile/portable base.

For more information regarding the Conco AJL or other products from Positech Corporation contact  Positech Corporation at 800-831-6026,
[email protected] or visit the website at www.positech.com.