Tectra Safety Cap

Feb. 26, 2009
Elvex proudly introduces a new advanced safety helmet that challenges the traditional appearance and functionality of safety caps. A quick summary of design elements and features: •    A striking contemporary design •    A lightweight Polyethylene shell •    Four head hugging suspensions •    Vented and non vented versions •    Non conductive and general duty versions •    Hidden suspension hangers •    Rain trough for water disbursement •    Contour at ears to accommodate hearing protection •    Accessory slot (30 mm) •    Complies with ANSI Z89.1-2003 Striking Design Safety helmet appearance has not changed much in the last 50 years. Over the last several years some futuristic designs have appeared, but they have been too radical to create much of a following in the market place. We think that we have struck a good balance between a traditional shape and a modern and appealing design with the new Elvex Tectra safety helmet with clean crisp lines. Suspensions The most important aspect of a safety helmet suspension is that it holds the helmet securely on the head. The head hugging suspensions of the Tectra helmet have a low center of gravity than what is offered on other safety helmets. This feature results in a very secure feeling of a helmet that stays on the head. Four different suspensions are offered: four and six point ratchet suspensions and four and six point pin-lock suspensions. All suspensions have three height adjustments. Vented and non vented The Tectra helmet is available in vented and non vented versions. The vented version has eight ventilation holes at the crown of the helmet. On the non vented version the ventilation holes are permanently closed, and look like cosmetic decorations. Ventilated helmets cannot meet Class E (electrical) requirement of ANSI Z89.1-2003. Designed for accessories The Tectra helmet is designed to work with accessories and comes with a standard 30 mm slot. It works with Elvex hearing protection and face protection. Use any of our four cap mount muff models, with suffix 29 or 30, such as HM-6029 or HM-6030. Use visor bracket model VB-30, in combination with any of 20 different face shields and wire mesh visors.