Augmented Reality Tablet

Aug. 11, 2018
ecom's tablet ensures accurate data capture in real-time.

Augmented reality (AR) allows additional digital information to be shown on the display of a mobile device. In the industry, this technology opens a huge potential and can be used in a variety of areas: from production planning, service and maintenance, to employee training and further education. This form of visualization and the permanent availability of all data for a specific plant object allows to quickly and easily identify space requirements, necessary connections or technical defects and supports the completion of tasks with millimeter precision.


Due to its magnetic gyroscope, the Tab-Ex 02 enables users to identify objects in an installation via augmented reality applications. The software delivers all underlying, existing data directly on the mobile device's display in real-time, while also making it shareable within a company’s network. Whether through construction plans, maintenance information or operating states–the reality is enriched and extended by virtual data already stored in the plant. The mobile use of AR can solve multiple challenges and tasks in the industry–from rapid commissioning of a plant, transparent processes, and precise maintenance to efficient asset management.


The lightweight and robust tablet with the high-performance Android 7.1 Nougat operating system features a powerful Octa Core processor with 1.6 GHz and 3 Gigabyte RAM.


The computer-aided extension of reality by AR shows aspects that were previously not visible, but which directly affect the field under consideration. A visualization that saves time. The extended image on the mobile device shows the maintenance staff defective spots and repair instructions–in real-time and on-site.


  • Ensuring and maximizing mobile worker's efficiency & productivity
  • Ensuring accurate data capture, real-time information and decision making
  • Minimizing costs
  • Improve ease of use & customer experience