New Mill 1-14™ helical cutters from Kennametal are targeted at “any customer that wants to take a greater axial depth of cut than can be taken with a standard endmill,” says Global Product Manager Dennis McNamara. “Customers always want to take a greater axial depth of cut than the single insert height they are using today,” he says. “We now have a solution that will give customers what they want -- a full range of helical cutters that will allow them the flexibility they require, inserts stacked two, three and four high. The favorite choice is going to be the cutters with inserts stacked two high. Customers receive the ability to increase the axial depth of cut with little added cost.” Together with the right choice of inserts, Mill 1-14 helical cutters can be used for medium to heavy roughing and semi- finishing in such applications as contour profiling, slotting, ramping, helical ramping from solid, and plunge milling. Kennametal’s proprietary Load-Optimized Insert Spacing (LOIS™) technology can further improve the performance of Mill 1-14 cutters by finding the “sweet spot” of insert spacing relative to the torque and horsepower of the machine tool. “With traditional indexable helical end mills, equal insert spacing sometimes causes an uneven load demand on the machine tool,” McNamara says. “LOIS technology results in inserts spaced to optimize the positions, minimizing vibrations and reducing uneven power requirements.” Axial support pins on the Mill 1-14 give additional insert stability when ramping or plunging, improving surface finishes. Up to nine different coolant nozzle sizes are possible for consistent, focused coolant flow. “Mill 1-14 is a versatile, functional cutter system for a range of cutting tasks,” McNamara says. “It’s a single tool with multi-functional benefits.”