Optical Strain Rosette Sensor

Feb. 16, 2022
Luna Innovations' os3300 Optical Strain Rosette Sensor is long distance, with up to 6.2 mi. (10 km) of coverage.

The os3300 is an optical strain rosette sensor that incorporates three fiber Bragg grating strain gages in a rugged, compact, and spot-weldable package. It easily integrates with the HYPERION interrogator platform for comprehensive test and validation solutions.


It features simple integration, low profile sensors that can be dispersed over up to 6.2 mi. (10 km) with 3 active strain elements (0°/45°/90°) for robust sensor coverage.


The os3300 features a novel approach to compact spot weldable strain measurements, all while being able to pair with various physical parameters. Installation is simple and repeatable with a mounting plate affixed on the os3300 to help guide the installer. With strain ranges of -1,800 to 1,800 ?? and available integrated temperature compensation, the os3300 series presents a unique capability for sensor deployments.


The os3300 rosette simplifies the mapping of strain fields and reduces sensor cabling with easy daisy-chaining on a single fiber. The unique CMIWS sensor design delivers the precision and functionality required for strain field analysis.

  • Ease of installation
  • Discrete, low profile, multipoint up to 96 sensors on a single HYPERION instrument
  • Multiparameter various physical parameters measurements coupled onto the same instrumentation platform
  • Long distance, with up to 6.2 mi. (10 km) of coverage