Hand-Held Instrument Verifies Drum or Tank Levels

April 21, 2009
Tecmark Corporation continues to ascend to new heights in the area of fluid management and control products with the release of its latest innovation, the C-Level. Designed for use in a wide variety of applications, the C-Level sensor can detect the level of liquid or solids within non-metallic containers. Tecmark’s C-Level is an ideal tool for any application where quick, inexpensive container level verification is needed. C-Level is accurate within one-quarter of an inch. And, the C-Level’s patent pending design holds calibration – even after removed from the container. In fact, Tecmark’s C-Level maintains calibration from drum to drum without having to recalibrate, saving time and effort. The device is powered by a standard 9-volt battery (included) and includes a power-saving automatic shut off feature. “Tecmark’s C-Level non-metallic drum level sensor is a very useful tool for applications, such as chemical plants, blenders, distribution centers, factories, and maintenance operations,” said Walter Swick, president of Tecmark. “Waste water management facilities and refineries are other businesses that will see a terrific benefit from using the C-Level.” Among those professionals who could benefit from using the C-Level are inventory personnel, plant operations staff, warehousemen, auditors, accountants, quality control personnel, water treatment companies, and consultants. The C-Level provides a quick assessment of partial containers and offers accurate level identification without opening or weighing drums. Other advantages of the C-Level include the elimination of excess inventory by easy accounting; less stock-outs are experienced as levels are easily determined. “We are extremely excited to add the C-Level to our family of high performance products,” Swick said. “Now more than ever our customers can use this device to verify their drum or storage tank levels and better manage inventories.”