Anti-Graffiti Clear Coat

April 24, 2009
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has introduced Anti-Graffiti Clear Coat, a single-component, low VOC. Requiring only a solvent wipe cleaning or using a 3000-psi pressure washer to remove graffiti, the new coating is intended to protect bridges, overpasses, concrete fences and railcars, as well as commercial buildings, schools and transit stations from the blight of defacing by spray paint and permanent marker. “Our product development team has outdone itself with a coating that not only retains its aesthetic semi-gloss appearance over time but also preserves its intrinsic anti-graffiti characteristics,” said Doni Riddle, Protective & Marine Vice President of Sales. “And it’s easy to work with: no mixing is required, and because it adheres directly to concrete, no primer is necessary, either.” Fast-drying and versatile for the applicator – methods include brush, roller or airless spray – Riddle said the moisture-cure coating could be dry to the touch in as little as 30 minutes, depending on temperature, humidity and film thickness. After 4,000 hours of accelerated weathering testing and multiple graffiti applications and removals, Anti-Graffiti Clear Coat left no signs of graffiti or staining after clean-up, and no signs of streaking, cracking, pinholing, discoloration or other degradation to the coating surface upon casual examination.