Mount new LED Spider Lights on any surface just by using two screws!

April 21, 2009

Sunnyvale, CA, April 21, 2009–Expanding our LED offerings, IDEC introduces a new line of Surface Mount Indicators, the LH series of LED Spider Lights. These slim and stylish LEDs are perfect for mounting on the surface of equipment or panels, while maintaining excellent visibility from the front and the side!

LH1D spider lights can be used in various applications that do not have space behind the panel.

These include robotic arms, product picking, door monitoring and other applications where you can use dual-color pre-wired LED spider lights rather than drilling two 22mm holes to mount two pilot lights.

Offered in seven bright colors (red, green, blue, amber, yellow, cool white, warm white), these 24V AC/DC Spider Lights maintain an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan while consuming low levels of energy. A red/green two-color alternate illumination is also available giving customers a 2-for-1 option. Legends, symbols or even company names can be printed on marking film for the flat type to personalize lights.

LH Series of lights are UL listed, CE marked and TUV rated. All Spider Light are also IP67 rated for protection against exposure to water or oils. LH1D Spider Lights are available with 1m, 3m and 5m cables.

For complete specifications or additional information on Spider Lights, please contact IDEC Corporation at 1-800-262-IDEC (4332) or visit

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Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 32V Rated Voltage 24V AC/DC Operating Voltage Range 24V AC/DC ±10% Rated Current 17 Ma Maximum Current Draw 0.6W (25 mA) Illumination Color A (amber), G (green), PW (cool white), R (red), S (blue), W (warm white), Y (yellow) R (red) /G (green) alternate LED Lamp Life Approx. 50,000 hours (When used on complete DC at 25°C, brightness reduces to 50% of the initial intensity.) Applicable Standards IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-5-1, EN 60598-2-1, EN 60947-5-1 UL508, CSA C22.2 No.14 Operating Temperature –20 to +55°C (no freezing) Operating Humidity 45 to 85% RH (no condensation) Storage Temperature –30 to +80°C (no freezing) Impulse Withstand Voltage 800V (Illuminating part) Insulation Resistance Between live and dead parts: 100 M? minimum Dielectric Strength Between live and dead parts: 2000V, 50/60Hz, 1 minute Pollution Degree 3 Vibration Resistance 60m/s2, 5 to 55 Hz, amplitude 0.5 mm Shock Resistance 1000m/s2 Cable Tensile Strength 90N minimum Degree of Protection IP67 (IEC 60529) Housing Color Black Cable UL20276, 24 AWG 2-core (one-color) 3-core (2-color alternate) Cable Outside Diameter ø4.1mm Allowable Cable Bending Radius 24.6mm minimum Weight 50g (1m cable)