Dual Print Programmable Thermal Printing, Measure and Cut System

April 21, 2009
Norwood Marking Systems / Kingsley Machine Company introduces the MCM-DP, the world’s first programmable thermal printing, measure and cut system that prints on both sides of the heat shrink sleeving or flexible tubing simultaneously.  Developed for manufacturers with customers that require product identification marks on two sides, the MCM-DP slashes production time in half by eliminating the need to feed the material through a printer twice. Capable of printing the same or different data on each side of the sleeving or tubing, the MCM-DP is ideal for electronics, aerospace, aviation, defense, automobile and wire harness industries.  The programmable system can print multiple lines of fixed and/or variable information on sleeving and tubing 1/8 to 4 inches (3 to 100 mm) in diameter.  With a choice of font styles and sizes, the system can print text and graphics, including logos and a wide variety of barcodes.  The MCM-DP integrates Norwood’s popular, field-proven 53LT-IM, a high performance thermal transfer printer, with Carpenter’s Model 42BK Compu-Cut®, an automatic measure and cut system, to accurately mark, measure and cut heat shrink sleeving and generic thin wall flexible tubing.  With its length-correct feature, print placement precision of +/- 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) and 300 dpi (12 dots per mm) resolution, the MCM-DP maintains superior print quality and cut accuracy.Featuring five programmable feed speeds, the MCM-DP can mark, measure and cut up to 14,000 ½-inch (12.7-mm) pieces of sleeving or tubing per hour.  The knife can be turned off to produce continuous lengths of material.Fonts, images and barcodes as well as cut settings can be stored in the system’s memory for easy recall to speed set-up and changeover.  To ease downloading of new files, the MCM-DP can be connected directly to a laptop computer, eliminating the need to save new files to a USB memory stick for downloading.  The ribbon cassette, which holds up to 1970 feet (600 meters) allows for quick change of ribbons and print colors. To maximize production versatility and reduce the cost of materials, Norwood / Kingsley designed the MCM-DP to handle the widest assortment of sleeving and tubing.  This versatility allows customers to purchase supplies from a wide variety of sources, which creates a competitive pricing environment that dramatically reduces the cost of materials.