“Dust Caps” prevent material accumulation at conveyor base

April 7, 2009
Martin Engineering has introduced MARTIN® Dust Caps, a simple yet effective way to prevent the problems of material accumulation and corrosion at the base of conveyor structures.The buildup of fugitive material on the floor or ground around belt conveyor supports creates a mess and potentially a fire hazard. These buildups also capture moisture, leading to the corrosion and weakening of the conveyor structure. Installed on the “legs” of the conveyor, MARTIN® Dust Caps prevent these material accumulations. Made from accumulation-resistant molded polyurethane, MARTIN® Dust Caps are pyramids that cause the material to fall away from the conveyor foot, making it easier to collect dust and clean it by washing down or sweeping around the conveyor.New MARTIN® Dust Caps are safety orange in color, for improved visibility. They are available in 3- and 4-inch sizes (and metric sizes) to fit the structural steel angles used in conveyor construction and can be installed on new or existing conveyor systems.