MMQ 200 Formtester for Cylindricity

April 15, 2009

The MMQ 200 Formtester is optimized for measuring cylindricity and other deviations of form and position. The unit can be operated either by touch screen or by a keypad built right into the machine base. Using EasyForm, no programming language is required for operation.


Multi-feature measurement routines can be easily set up and saved, and measurement operations are fast and virtually automatic. Up to 32 measuring routines can be saved for automatic operation via function keys. For example, a roundness measurement can be taken with just two steps. Measurement results are immediately displayed on the screen, including 3D representation with color or grid lines providing an interactive graphic preview. Results can be printed, saved in file formats such as PDF or exported for analysis in other software packages.


The MMQ 200 can also perform a full range of ISO and ASME form checks, including roundness, straightness, flatness (from a polar trace), parallelism, concentricity, coaxiality, run-out, total run-out, taper, perpendicularity, angularity, and angle sector (roundness, flatness, run-out).


Key features include three motorized axes, with both measuring axes (C and Z) optimized for high precision; computer and graphic-assisted test piece alignment on the manual tilting and centering table; universal T20W test probe with a 0.1-in. (2 mm) working range, stroke limitation, and mechanical probe zenith setting for high-precision measurements; EasyForm measuring, control, and evaluation software; a Pentium-class PC using Windows XP Professional; and a 15-in. (380 mm) touch-screen monitor.


Like the other members of the MMQ family, the MMQ 200 requires no outside air supply. The high-precision mechanical bearings used in the rotary table are more accurate than most air bearings and up to 70 times stiffer, making the system less susceptible to external forces such as vibration which is critical for operation in real-world production environments.

  • Proof of form and position deviations as per DIN/ISO 1101
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences
  • Precision roundness measuring axis (C)
  • Motorized vertical measuring axis (Z)
  • Motorized horizontal positioning axis (X)
  • Manual centering and tilting table
  • T20W manual length measuring probe or
  • T7W motorized probe
  • Ergonomic control panel, can also be used to start selected measuring programs (P1, P2, P3)
 Roundness Deviation 0.015 + 0.0003 µm + µm/mm Measuring Path, Motorized Z 10 in. (250 mm) Straightness Deviation Z (100 mm measuring path)  0.15 µm Straightness Deviation Z (Total measuring path) 0.3 µm Parallelism Deviation Z/C 0.5 µm Measuring Speed Z 0.02 to 1 in./s (0.5 to 30 mm/s) Positioning Speed Z 0.02 to 4 in./s (0.5 to 100 mm/s)  Centering and Tilting Table Manual Table Diameter (mm) 6 in. (160 mm) Table Load Capacity, Centered 200 N Speed 0.2 to 15 rpm