full-featured video borescope

May 7, 2009
Because of their high cost, and the potentially disastrous consequences of a failure, high-tech video borescopes have historically been used only in airplane and helicopter maintenance.  While their usefulness is obvious — they allow you to see into places you could never fit any other tool, let alone your eyes — their high price tag has always precluded their wider use outside of aviation.RF System Lab. has changed all that with their new video borescope, VJ.  Adapted from RF’s medical imaging technology and expertise in micro cameras and optics, this new video borescope delivers all of the critical features found in more expensive scopes, at a price that is well within reach of nearly everyone who maintains large industrial or transportation equipment.The VJ video borescope uses a 6.9mm diameter insertion tube, which houses the 1/6 inch CCD camera module and LEDs.  Joystick-controlled four-way articulation allows the user to point the camera in any direction, and the image is displayed on the integrated color monitor in 379,000-pixel resolution.  An onboard image processor allows the user to capture and record photos and video, which is useful in obtaining a second opinion, showing a customer a potential defect, or for archiving and record-keeping purposes.Video borescopes with these features have been available for some time, at prices ranging from $12,000 to $40,000.  The new video borescope from RF System Lab. retails for $7,800 with a 1.5 meter insertion tube, or $8,400 with a 3.0 meter insertion tube.  The combination of the low price, portability — it weighs just 20 ounces and comes in a hard-shell briefcase — and onboard image processing, means that industrial maintenance technicians and inspectors will soon be performing their jobs easier, faster and better than ever before.