Clean In Place Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics

Dec. 14, 2022
Replace error-prone manual record keeping and monitor energy and utilities parameters with Emerson's CIP Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics.

The Clean In Place (CIP) Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics package delivered via PACEdge and Movicon platforms on an industrial edge control device aids in digitally transforming manual and semi-automated systems by optimizing utilities consumption, benchmarking against known cycles, and generating automated reports that can be used to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity in a single system or throughout a facility. The package converts process and utilizes data into actionable insights for the food and beverage industries and other environments that use clean and steam-in-place operations.


Equipped with the data and analytics provided by the software, plant managers, operators, and maintenance personnel can view the information on a dashboard and share the insights with sustainability officers and other stakeholders to optimize their CIP cycles. The software package can be customized and layered into an existing system, or Emerson can provide a turn-key solution of hardware, instrumentation, valves, and analytics.


The software package can help CIP operators better understand and forecast energy use, water consumption, and resource needs. Generated reports can be used to satisfy regulation compliance, plan system maintenance, schedule downtime, and order media supplies, and deeper analytics can be used to identify insights and trends that support predictive maintenance schedules and facilitate standardization of CIP processes across production facilities.

  • Real-time monitoring reduces water consumption by as much as 45%
  • Automated cleaning reports reduce time managing CIP by as much as 20%
  • Advanced technology improves visibility across multiple systems to set new standards for production