pocket-sized pen light

June 10, 2009
LED (light emitting diode) lighting has been called the future of lighting and is now becoming available to consumers as a "green" option to incandescent bulbs. The high efficiency of the LED which produces 6 or 7 times the amount of light with the same current as compared to incandescent lights makes it a natural "green" solution to reducing energy consumption.Cleveland lighting tool distributor, LED WorkLight has announced the availability of the next generation of portable LED lighting, the Maxxeon WorkStar 220. The WorkStar 220 is a compact, 6 inch long penlight-style flashlight designed for technicians, tradesmen and auto and aircraft mechanics. It features a rugged black anodized T6 aluminum body and a high duty cycle tailcap on-off switch. The lightweight flashlight weighs less than two ounces, and clips easily and comfortably into a shirt or shop coat pocket.The manufacturer claims that the big difference between this new lighting tool and similar looking penlights and that is due to the special HPLighting Rambo™ high performance LED. The factory specifies a light output of over 70 lumens for this light, making it as powerful as a typical full size professional flashlight.According to company spokesperson John Armstrong," the WorkStar 220 offers a brilliant white light, up to 10 times as bright as other penlights.  Technicians will love how this light brightly illuminates the entire work area, making inspection and troubleshooting a breeze even in the darkest, most confined areas."