Metro Atlanta-based WIKA Instrument Corporation (WIKA) has extended its product line for pressure monitoring in refrigeration and HVAC applications with the new AC-1 pressure transmitter. The AC-1 complements the existing R-1 transmitter by providing system manufacturers another option for refrigeration system pressure measurement.  The new AC-1 pressure transmitter features a compact, rugged design and competitive pricing.  It is designed specifically for commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The one-piece brass case and ceramic sensor element provides durability and resistance to the most commonly used refrigerants. The R-1 transmitter is designed for monitoring pressure in larger industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems.  It features stainless steel construction and a hermetically-welded, dry thin film measuring cell that does not require the use of soft sealing materials that may deteriorate and leak over time. The metal thin film sensor provides excellent long term signal stability and extremely high burst pressure ratings.  Both the AC-1 and R-1 feature a compact, space saving design for easy installation when mounting space is limited. Both are designed to provide a long, trouble free service life.  Quality is assured by production on state of the art, automated manufacturing systems.  Both models provide a reliable, cost effective, and readily available pressure transmitter for refrigeration and air conditioning applications with worldwide WIKA support.