PoE++ Injectors

Feb. 24, 2022
With four individual models, Antaira Technologies brings added connectivity with the INJ-C201G-bt Series PoE++ injectors.

Bringing added versatility and cost-efficiency to factory automation systems, the INJ-C201G-bt Series is a line of Gigabit PoE++ Injectors that supplies high power and high-speed data from legacy non-PoE switches to network devices.


These injectors are capable of transmitting both high-speed data and up to 100W of power per port on the same Ethernet cable. PoE++ injectors provide PoE power to Ethernet connections coming from standard Ethernet switches, extending their functionality and providing high power to a new generation of PoE clients, including sensors, IP PTZ cameras, Wi-Fi Access Points, and thin clients, without the expense of upgrading to a new switch.


Comprising four individual models, the series is a flexible solution for automation system designers, helping them achieve seamless network migration and easier upgrades to infrastructure capacity. Backward compatible with 802.3af/at PoE standards, these injectors eliminate the requirements of locating network devices close to power outlets while protecting existing investments in legacy non-PoE switches. Versatility is further extended by DIN-rail or wall mount options. Environmentally hardened, these IP30-rated injectors operate over a temperature range of -40 to 167°F (-40 to 75°C) and are standards compliant, ensuring compatibility with existing network devices.

  • INJ-C201G-bt-T: This entry-level unit supports power input from 48 to 55VDC, ensuring full 90W PoE output in compliance with 802.3bt, making it ideal in the automation, surveillance, and vehicle industries.
  • INJ-C201G-bt-24-T: In addition to supporting power input from 48 to 55VDC, ensuring full 90W PoE output, this model features power boosting technology for increasing low-voltage up to the required 802.3bt PoE requirements of 55 VDC, a common situation in light-duty industrial environments, building automation, and telecommunications.
  • INJ-C201G-bt-100-T: Designed specifically for higher powered network equipment, this injector supports power input from 48 to 55VDC, ensuring full 90W PoE output, along with an Enhanced PoE mode to offer up to 100W to higher-powered equipment such as digital signage displays, touch PCs, and lighting.
  • INJ-C201G-bt-100-24-T: This versatile model has the PoE budget to handle the requirements of low, standard, and high voltage equipment. It ensures full 90W PoE output while offering both power boosting technology and Enhanced PoE mode. A dip-switch setting enables PoE mode and dual PD signature verification process. The first PD verifies backwards compatibility with PoE and PoE+ while the second PD confirms there are two power negotiations before releasing 90W power.