GRIDBluFly Serial Bluetooth Adapter for Machines

Aug. 2, 2023
Grid Connect's Bluetooth adapter eliminates cabling and creates a wireless machine network by giving any RS232 port Bluetooth capability.

The GRIDBluFly serial adapter provides machine owners and system integrators with short-range radio technology for transmitting signals between computers and other devices.


The adapter gives any RS232 serial port Bluetooth connection capability. Machine owners and operators can use the GRIDBluFly with another GRIDBluFly in cable replacement mode to make their RS232 cable wireless, or they can pair it with any other Bluetooth device that supports Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile).


It can also be used as a hub for communicating with several machines in a plant and eliminate cabling that can be a source of connection failures due to issues like vibration or accidents with maintenance. Managers can communicate with their machines to remotely download instructions to a piece of equipment.


It's especially useful in industrial environments with older equipment to eliminate cabling or add mobility to establish connections between machines and a laptop via USB and a laptop Bluetooth radio. The GRIDBluFly attaches to an RS232 serial port making it a Bluetooth Class 1 wireless connection, capable of transmitting serial data up to 330 ft (100 m).


  • High speed RS232, with standard baud rates from 1,200 to 921,600
  • Parity Even, Odd, or None, 7/8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit
  • Hardware flow control via RTS, CTS (local serial connection only)
  • Modem control output (DTR) tied to flow control output (RTS) optional
  • Settings can be easily changed via local serial port connection
  • Mid-range Power (Class 1, 12dBm TX, 300 ft, 90 m) Bluetooth radio
  • Serial Port Profile (SPP) used for direct connect to Classic BT clients
  • Custom GATT profiles for BLE clients (peripheral role only)
  • Green (connection), Yellow (TX/RX), and Green (Power) LEDs
  • Low power operation requires only 5V DC at 40 ma when connected
  • Small form factor
  • DB9 Male or DB9 Female connector
 Antenna 2.4GHz RF PCB trace Connection Modes Master, Slave, Trigger Master, Auto-Connect Connector(s) DB9 - DTE (male) or DCE (female) Control Signals CTS, RTS (local serial connection only) Data Bits 7/8 Bits Flow Control Hardware (RTS/CTS) or None Parity Even, Odd or None LED Indicators Transmit/Receive Data, Power, Connection Status Power 5 to 16V DC Profiles SPP only, Custom GATT profiles for BLE clients Stop Bits 1 Temp. Range 32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C)


Pin DTE Description (DB9 Male)DCE Description (Female) 1NC 2RXD (in)TXD (out) 3TXD (out)RXD (in) 4DTR (out) [option]NC 5GND 6NCDTR (out) [option] 7RTS (out)CTS (in) 8CTS (in)RTS (out) 9External Power 5 to 16 VDC