Model FC-300 Grinding Oil Filtration System

Aug. 25, 2009
The Rush Model FC-300 Grinding Oil Filtration System filters grinding oils to one micron with edge filtration technology. Designed to integrate with most grinding, lapping and honing machines in use today, the FC-300 System provides continuous filtration, automatic back flush and clean oil on demand to your machines. An optional cooling system can be incorporated to ensure optimal grinding oil temperature. Benefits and Features of the Rush Model FC-300 Grinding Oil Filtration System: • Provides one micron particle filtration for improved surface finish • Extends the life of grinding oil and wheels. • Increases grinding efficiencies and reduces cycle times • Recovers materials for reclamation • Reduces machine maintenance • Filter element life expectancy of approximately 15,000 hours • Customized systems designed to fit your machines and shop floor layout • Single and multiple machine configurations available • Compatible with mineral and synthetic oils • Recommended viscosity range: 37 - 58 SUS (3.6 - 10cSt) at 100°F • Systems available for use with both carbide and HSS • Filtration Type: Edge Filtration • Filtration Accuracy: All particles larger than 1 micron are removed • Filter Element Material: Compressed paper disks • Filtration Pump: Cast iron, sealless construction • Filter Regeneration: Automatic backflushing of filter elements at programmable intervals • Swarf (Sludge) Handling: Automatically deposited into a cloth-lined basket, rolls out for easy removal Applicable Fluids: Mineral or synthetic, low viscosity grinding oil (oil to be approved by Rush Machiner) • Fluid Viscosity Range: 37-58 sus (3.6 – 10 cst) at 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) Compatible Swarf Materials: Tungsten Carbide, HSS*, stainless steel*, ceramic** • Requires 100 micron prefilter for all steels • ** System needs to be oversized for ceramic swarf Recommended Operating Temperature: 70-85 degrees F (21-30 degrees C) • Operating Temperature Range: 55-110 degrees F (13-43 degrees C) • Compressed Air Requirement (for filter regeneration): 30 cfm at 80psi for 1-2 minutes during regeneration – must be dry and free of particles • Clean Oil Delivery Pump(s): Sized to customer requirements for pressure and volume • Operating Voltage: 440v standard; other voltages are available • Model FC-300-1700 (single filter vessel): • Filtration area: 70 sq. ft. • Number of filter elements: 61 • Flow rate: 30 gpm at 46 sus (114 L/min at 6 cst); flow rate will vary with • viscosity • Total fluid capacity: 185 gallons (700L)