Nosebar Tail Now Available for QC Industries’ Automation Series Conveyors

Aug. 10, 2009
QC Industries’ new Automation Series low profile belt conveyors  are now available with a nosebar tail. It improves transfers of small parts between two conveyors or other integrated machinery.The nosebar tail offers a slim, 11mm outer belt diameter, that, when placed end to end, reduces the gap between conveyors. With a smaller gap, it is easier for small parts to pass across the gap without becoming trapped. This new option builds on QC Industries’ Tension Release Tail by directly replacing the tail idler pulley. This maintains the push-button ease-of-use of the Tension Release Tail, which flips up and relieves tension for belt changes or under-belt cleaning.In most cases a nosebar tail can be added to an existing conveyor without even removing the belt. It is fully compatible with QC Industries’ standard MAE white urethane belt, as well as a host of additional belts with special capabilities such as high friction or accumulation.The nosebar tail  is available for all standard Automation Series conveyor widths, which range from 2” to 24”. It is also compatible with both pushing and pulling applications. It is capable of speeds up to 125 feet per minute.QC Industries’ Automation Series low profile belt conveyors are used in a wide variety of applications including packaging, automation, assembly, medical product and device manufacturing, material handling, manufacturing, and more.