DrumQuik PUR provides a sustainable and closed system for the dispensing of high-purity chemicals from drums, jerry cans and intermediate bulk containers. Whether used in pharmaceutical handling, semiconductor production or flat-panel-screen production processes, high-purity chemicals must be carefully handled to protect not only the chemicals but also the environment, equipment and workers. Colder’s DrumQuik PUR high-purity chemical dispensing system is an easy-to-use product that uses a closed-system design and rugged construction to meet strict safety requirements for chemical-handling applications and the demands of harsh operating environments. The system is manufactured in a clean room and double bagged to maintain purity until ready for use. Made from virgin polyethylene and suited to cost-sensitive one-way and single-use container applications, the drum insert and dip-tube assembly can be disposed of or recycled along with the container. The coupler is made from virgin PVDF and can withstand thousands of connections.• Pressure: Uncoupled: Vacuum to 45 psig (3.1 bar) • Coupled: Vacuum to 22 psig (1.5 bar) • Temperature: Drum insert: -20° to 120°F (-29° to 49°C) • Coupler: 0° to 120°F (-18° to 49°C) • Drum insert & dip-tube: Virgin polyethylene (HDPE) • Shipping plug: Virgin polyethylene (HDPE) • Coupler: Virgin PVDF • Spring (coupler only): Virgin PEEK UHP (PPS or Tefon® encapsulated • 316 stainless steel optional) • Seals: Coupler seals: FKM (Simriz® UHP FFKM • Perfuoroelastomer optional) • Bung seal: Polyolefn (POE) (EPDM or FKM • optional) • Shipping plug seal: EPDM (FKM optional) • Torque specifcations: 2" Buttress – 20ft-lbs (27 N-m) • Shipping plug – hand tight