Aug. 28, 2009
Hougen Manufacturing (Flint, MI) has introduced a new high speed version of the Hougen® HMD505 portable magnetic drills...adding the new performanced-enhanced Model HMD508 drill.  The new drill model incorporates rugged solid state electronics for reliable service and a heavy duty motor for dependable power under the heaviest of cutting loads.  The new higher speed gearing of the HMD508 is designed to take full advantage of Hougen’s carbide tipped Copperhead™ Annular Cutter tooling for drilling holes at faster RPMs and robust feed rates in hard, tough alloys, castings and other materials.  It incorporates an easy-to-changeover, single lever gear box adjustment to provide no-load RPMs of 450 or 750 speed rates.    The drills’ construction includes a patented quill feed arbor design that eliminates the need for gib and slide adjustments, making the drill compact and lightweight, with a constant profile.  The quill feed operation provides a faster and smoother feed into and throughout the cut, especially in deep hole drilling applications.  The drill is ideal for building, construction and fabrication shop uses where stock is too large and awkward for machine tool handling, for on-site installations and assembly, and for general plant maintenance requirements.     The gear selection allows for optimum cutting tool efficiency no matter what the job for small hole making from 7/16" (12mm) up to its largest capacity of a full 2-3/8" (60mm) diameter with 3" (76mm) depth of cut...in virtually any alloy, grade or mechanical properties. It has a two-stage magnet that reaches full power when the motor is engaged. The magnetic -more-HIGHER SPEED GEARING FOR PORTABLE...../2base has a small footprint of 4" x 8" yet has a powerful dead lift rating of 2560 lbs. and 1080 lbs. drill point breakaway on 1" plate; for 3/8" plate these figures are 1550 lb. and 820 lb., respectively.  The HMD508 weighs just 45 lbs. and measures 20" H x 4-3/4" W x 10-3/4" L, smaller than other drills of comparable capacities.     The HMD508 operates from a standard 120-volt power source and has an electrical rating of 1680Watt, 14 Amp and 50/60 hz. An optional 230 volt motor is available.  For ergonomics, the quick change, no tools required feed handles can be switched to either side of the drill.  Rear-positioned controls, including separate magnet engage/disengage and motor spindle on/off switches are readily accessible and convenient.      The HMD508 is equipped with Hougen’s standard operator safety features built in...including a motion detector that shuts the spindle off in the event that the magnet should lift, dual circuitry that prevents spindle start unless the magnet is engaged, and manual restart of the motor spindle following a power interruption.  For long tool life and high quality hole production, it has an on-board thru-the-spindle gravity fed coolant reservoir for normal, vertical drilling, or is quickly converted to pressurized operation for horizontal applications.  It is also furnished with a high strength safety chain for securing to work surfaces, and a sturdy plastic carrying case.    The HMD508 uses Hougen Copperhead Carbide Tip Cutters that feature braized-in durable grade carbide inserts with special tool geometry for optimum chip flow.* Electrical System 120V, 50/60 Hz- 14A, 1680W, 230V,50/60 Hz - 7A, 1680W * Motor 13A(120V), 6.5A (230V) 250/450 RPM * Diameter 7/16*-2-3/8*(12mm-60mm) * Depth 3*(76mm). * Net Weight 45 lb (20.4kg).