Aug. 25, 2009
Hougen Manufacturing (Flint, MI) has announced that it is now incoporating its patented swivel-base, drill-to-magnet coupling design to the model HMD925S (S-designates swivel base) power feed model drill that features heavy-duty hole making capability. The unit’s base coupling creates both a pivot axis for up to a 1-1/8" arc of side to side motion and a straightline axis of up to 1-3/8" of front to back movement. These additional axes allow operators to fine tune the drill position and precisely locate hole center points after the magnetic base has been engaged. Final adjustments are easily made, even when drilling in horizontal or upside down positions. The HMD925S uses Hougen’s Rotabroach® annular cutting tool system to produce holes from 7/16" to 1-1/4" (12mm to 32mm) diameter thru materials up to 2" thick using the power feed option, or 1-1/2 (38mm) diameter in manual feed mode. The HMD925S is lightweight at 40 lbs., for excellent portability and ease of use, making the Hougen drill lighter than power feed models of comparable holemaking capacity. It measures 17-1/8"H x 10-13/16"W x 11-3/16"L. Yet, the HMD925S is not lightweight when it comes to features. The new drill incorporates solid-state circuitry that monitors and adjusts the self-feed action to continuously maintain optimum drilling performance throughout the entire length of cut. This helps to provide increased productivity, long tool life and lower tooling costs, with excellent hole quality in both dimensional and finish aspects. The feed motor, gearing and drive system are enclosed in the drill housing to maintain a compact profile. It has a heavy-duty 120V, 50/60Hz at 8A and 960 Watt electrical system, featuring a 7.2 amp motor delivering a high torque 450 RPM. A 230V model is also available. The magnetic base of the HMD925S measures 3-1/8" W x 6-9/16" L and develops 1240 lb. of dead lift strength on 1" thick plate and 965 lb. on 3/8" thick plate. All of the operational controls of the HMD925S, including motor on/off and magnetic engagement, are located on the feed handle side of the unit, providing good ergonomics and ease of use. The control panel has a safety switch indicator light, linked to the motion detector switch in the base of the magnet, that visually alerts users to the possibility of non-secure magnetic operation. The power feed activation switch is positioned in the center of the feed handle hub, a simple lift of the latch-type handle engages the system, pushing it in halts the feed. This design, unlike other units that use the feed handles as the power feed switch, is instrumental in preventing accidental engagement of the power feed system when the drill is being used in the manual feed mode. The HMD925S package is complete with a safety chain, hex wrench, cutting fluid, and operator’s manual. Slick-Stik soft tube lubricant is available for inverted or horizontal drilling applications to help safeguard cutting edges and materials. In addition to the new HMD925S drill model, Hougen portable magnetic drills comprise over 20 other models featuring whole capacities to 3-1/16" diameter and 3" depth of cut, Punch-Pro® Portable Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers, plus a wide range of annular cutter series for a variety of applications, including sheet metal and tubing—and for stationary machine tools as well as portable fabricating equipment. * Electrical System 120V, 50/60 Hz- 8A, 960W * Motor 7.2A (120V), 3.6A (230V) 350 RPM * Diameter 7/16*-2-1/16*(12mm-38mm) * Depth 2*(50mm). * Net Weight 37 lb (16.8kg). * Net Weight (925S) 40 lb.(18.1 kg).