Air Powered Press Brake Die Storage Unit

Sept. 17, 2009
Proper Storage Systems today announced the launch of a new pneumatic press brake die storage unit that will revolutionize the storage of very large Press Brake Dies.  This unit provides easy and organized access to multiple large dies stored on 100% accesible roll-out shelves.  Each roll-out shelf has ten sets of adjustable blocking in order to accommodate any width dies.  The air powered press brake die storage unit easily accommodates upper and lower die units on the same shelf in the most secure and safe manner available. roll-out shelf is 36” deep with widths of 8 to 16 feet.  The units have either 3 or 4 roll-out shelves with up to 18” of clear space between shelves.  Each roll-out shelf has a 6,000 pound weight capacity.  The unit is equipped with an automatic safety interlock that locks in all other shelves when a shelf is rolled out.  Prices for standard sizes are available upon request.