AIG-300 Series IIoT Gateways

July 29, 2022
The AIG-300 Series IIoT Gateways from Moxa are optimized for integration with the Azure IoT Edge computing platform.

Optimized for seamless integration with the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge computing platform, the AIG-300 Series IIoT gateways provide secure edge-to-edge data acquisition and device management in remote unmanned sites. The gateways provide the stable connectivity needed in distributed and unmanned sites to collect, store, process, and analyze operational data from sensors and other IIoT devices.


AIG-300 gateways are a resilient, cost-effective solution, offering faster, more secure sensor-to-cloud connections in remote field locations. The gateways deliver the advanced connectivity needed to share edge data with the cloud for analytic processing, game-changing insights, and simplified device management.


Moxa AIG-300 gateways enable flexible and secure cloud connectivity by leveraging versatile I/O options for Ethernet, CAN, RS-232/422/485, USB, and four digital (DI/DO) interfaces. For system integrators with wireless communication needs, the AIG-300 comes with LTE cellular, GPS, and Wi-Fi antenna connectors.


The AIG-300 is built industrial-grade. Its DIN-rail enclosure is made from SECC steel, creating a strong outer shell to protect the sensitive internal components. AIG-300 gateways meet Class I, Division 2, and ATEX hazardous location standards, the IP30 environment rating, IEC 600068-2 shock and vibration requirements, and offer an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 185°F (-40 to 70°C)


Even when located in harsh remote sites, AIG-300 gateways can be maintained to ensure continuous availability with a combination of Resume File Transmission, Over-The-Air OTA software upgrading, and Secure Boot for prevention of malicious software-injection attacks. To avoid disconnection during a device crash or sudden shutdown, AIG-300 gateways are equipped with built-in recovery functions that automatically rollback to the previous stable version of the firmware to achieve uninterrupted network connectivity.

  • Simplifies data acquisition and device management via the ThingsPro Edge software
  • Seamless integration with ThingsPro Edge and Azure IoT Edge enables easy, reliable, yet secure cloud connectivity
  • Supports easy device-provisioning with the ThingsPro Proxy utility
  • Provides robust OTA function to prevent system failure during software upgrades
  • Equipped with secure boot to prevent malicious software-injection attacks