Mobile Fume Extractor is an efficient solution for removing and ventilating fumes produced by welding, brazing, soldering, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and similar operations.


It's a complete, self-contained portable unit that can be wheeled into a location where “at-the-source” fume removal is required. The operator simply plugs into a standard electrical supply, directs the discharge hose to the desired exhaust outlet, and adjusts the collection hood to the fume area.


The extractor is mounted on a rugged 4-wheel dolly which makes it easy to maneuver into the proximity of fume-generating welding and similar operations. The 1/2-hp model (PFE-350) has a standard 4 x 8-in. hood and inlet/outlet diameter of 4 in. The 1-hp model (PFE-750) has a standard 8 x 8-in. hood and inlet/outlet diameter of 6 in.

  • High-pressure fan unit fabricated with 14-gauge steel housing and a self-cleaning, cast aluminum radial wheel
  • 25 ft of flexible discharge hose
  • 12 ft of rugged flexible intake hose
  • Rigid galvanized steel zinc coated intake hood with handle and large magnetic base for easy mounting at the fume source
ModelHPRPMPh/Hz/VoltsCFM @0.0”w.g.Hood SizeFlex HoseInlet/ Outlet
PFE-7501 3450 1/60/115 750 8-in. (round) 25 ft & 10 ft. 6-in. dia.