Surface Preparation Machine Strips Paint, Coatings, Dirt, Grease from Steel Decks, Concrete Floors

Sept. 10, 2009
Jet Edge’s Ultra Deckblaster waterjet surface preparation machine uses ultra-high pressure waterjets to quickly blast away old paint, coatings, grease and dirt from steel decks and concrete floors without using hazardous chemicals.Resembling a lawnmower, the self-propelled Ultra Deckblaster operates at pressures up to 55,000 psi (3,800 bar). Typical applications include removal of polyurethane paint or nonskid coatings from factory floors, ship decks, paint booths and parking ramps. The Ultra Deckblaster also removes accumulated spillage such as grease, oil and overspray.The Ultra Deckblaster portable water jet system utilizes UHP water supplied by a Jet Edge waterjet intensifier pump. Hydraulic pressure activates the motor to spin the spray bar assembly and open a high-flow water valve supplying fluid to the manifolds. The water travels through a high-pressure on/off valve and high-speed swivel before entering the rotating spray bar.  Multiple water jet orifices direct UHP water over an 18” (46 cm) wide cleaning path as the machine advances. The spray bar accepts a variety of standard jet manifolds.    Operators have total control of the rotation speed, drive speed, forward/off/reverse, water and rotation on/off of the spray bar. Easily accessible knobs control forward/reverse and bar rotation speeds. A manually actuated valve does not allow operation of any function unless the safety lever is depressed. The hydraulic-powered wheel drive (self-propelled drive) offers additional operator control and comfort and can be easily disengaged for free-rolling applications. The spray bar height is adjustable.