Oct. 30, 2009
Hybri-Flex ES is Dur-A-Flex’s first smooth-finish hybrid flooring system offering great looks while standing up to heavy duty use.  Offered in nine standard colors as well as unlimited custom colors, Hybri-Flex ES’ unique base coat also boasts tremendous bonding strength to concrete while tolerating moisture levels almost four times those of traditional resin floor systems.  This unique feature allows installation of the system as soon as five days after the concrete is poured.  The additional epoxy and urethane topcoats combine to offer an attractive yet extremely durable and easy-to-maintain flooring system. The three-step ES system consists of a 1/8” self-leveling base coat, an epoxy coat, and finished with the wear and stain resistant urethane Armor-Top coat, producing a durable 3/16” thick floor.  The Hybri-Flex ES system is ideal for heavy duty precision manufacturing, automotive facilities, aircraft maintenance hangars and other areas where a first-class appearance and high durability are desired. Hybri-Flex is Dur-A-Flex’s custom line of hybrid flooring systems that enable users to specify a resinous flooring system designed specifically for their needs.  These systems are a combination of a unique urethane base coat combined with topcoats of epoxy, MMA, or polyaspartic resins offering a combination of features not typically found in a single resin system.# Thickness: 3/16 inch # Self-priming # Tolerates moisture vapor up to 12 lbs./1,000 sq. ft/24 hrs. and 92% relative humidity # Installs on 5 - 7 day old concrete in as few as 2 days # Eliminates primer and moisture mitigation systems in most applications # UV resistant # Excellent wear resistance # Meets ADA, USDA, FDA, CFIA and OSHA standards # VOC compliant # Contributes to LEED