Accurate gearbox-to-generator shaft alignment made easy with OPTALIGN SMART WIND

Nov. 3, 2009
LUDECA introduces the OPTALIGN SMART WIND system for the wind power industry. The OPTALIGN SMART WIND is specially configured with firmware features that ensure high measurement accuracy and with mounting hardware that is ideally suited for optimal alignment of the gearbox and generator shafts in wind turbines. No matter the manufacturer, coupling or turbine type, OPTALIGN SMART WIND makes generator-to-gearbox alignment inside any nacelle easy. This safeguards reliability and optimizes the energy efficiency of the wind turbine. * Obtain alignment results in 3 Easy Steps: Dimensions - Measure - Results! * Patented automatic Continuous Sweep mode - Start and stop at any position! * Minimum rotation required, 60° at any sensor separation * Graphical results (machines and centerlines) * TolChek® determines alignment condition * High resolution color backlit TFT screen * Measures soft foot and stores the results * Horizontal & Vertical ‘Live Move’ at any 45° position * Static measure mode - up to 8 measurement positions for improved accuracy * Spacer shaft with tolerances * User-defined tolerances * Save up to 500 measurement files * InfiniRange® extends measurement range * Unaffected by backlash * Variable averaging and deviation band * Measurement files are reusable and can be edited * UniBeam® enables quick laser beam adjustment * Single-cable technology! * Pre-assembled brackets for quick mounting * Rugged and robust control unit resists shock * Industrial-strength water-resistant housings * Print PDF reports to memory stick. * Free ALIGNMENT REPORTER PC Software for backup and reporting. * Free PC Display Software for training of large groups