Portable Trolley Beam System

Nov. 10, 2009
Carbis™, Inc., a global leader in industrial fall prevention solutions, is pleased to announce a new product in their long and dependable line of safety equipment tailored to the specific needs of a wide range of industries. They have introduced a new Portable Trolley Beam System (PTBS) to ensure the safety of workers who need to work at variable heights. Carbis™ is the world’s most respected manufacturer of industrial fall prevention systems and is dedicated to designing, engineering, building and installing equipment that provides safe access and fall prevention measures. Truck, rail and marine applications in many different industries around the globe use the Carbis™ customized bulk loading access equipment. The design of Carbis’ portable trolley beam system allows two workers to connect to an overhead trolley beam system supported by a rolling base that features an adjustable height platform. The design of the PTBS allows the operator of the unit to safely move from the work platform onto the top of the equipment or vehicle to perform their tasks while also being safely tethered to the overhead trolley and self-retracting lifeline (SRL). The PTBS is designed and engineered to provide reliable fall prevention for workers working in industries such as oil and gas, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, storage tanks, freight loading and unloading and many others.The overhead trolley portion of the new fall prevention system uses a typical SRL unit system and harness for maximum safety and mobility. The system rolls into place and employs a winch to raise and lower the platform as needed. The outriggers fitted with leveling jacks deploy to provide support and stability when operational. The PTBS features a steering/tow bar system for towing from one worksite to another and is available in different height models for various applications.