Vayyar Element mmWave Tracker Module

Dec. 22, 2021
The Vayyar Element mmWave tracker module from Vayyar Imaging houses an array of 46 antennas.

Powered by a highly integrated 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip, Vayyar Element is a high-resolution mmWave tracker module that enables innovators to put real-time detection and tracking at the core of their products. Driving automation, enhancing safety, and enabling security, Vayyar Element helps products make data-driven decisions.


The miniature module provides real-time insights into the presence and movement of people in its vicinity, empowering products to react and adapt to human activity. The data collected by the module is based on low power radio-wave imaging, making it ideal for deployment in environments where privacy is crucial. The module is powered by Vayyar’s 7201 RFIC, which incorporates all digital and analog RF components. Vayyar Element houses an extensive array of 46 antennas, supporting hundreds of virtual channels and delivering unprecedented resolution.


The RoC includes an embedded Digital Signal Processor for processing all imaging algorithms, ensuring high performance, data security, and versatility while lowering post-processing and cloud-related costs. The module’s software outputs range from low-layer point cloud to high-level process indicators, supporting versatile usage.


Vayyar Element modules are designed to support companies throughout all product development stages. With three variations, each designed for a different step and set of partner requirements, the modules all share uniform hardware, software architecture, and APIs.

  • Variations
    • Development Module
    • Prototyping Kit
    • Product Module