Dec. 24, 2009
A line of heavy-duty 12V battery terminals that meet SAE specifications, are designed for manual or automatic termination, and are RoHS compliant is available from ETCO Incorporated of Warwick, Rhode Island.ETCO Battery Post Terminals are made from brass and tin-plated brass for durability and corrosion resistance and are supplied as continuous strip with the crimp ears up for automatic or manual termination.  Featuring universal 12V battery post- and ring styles with various hole sizes to fit smaller battery posts, they are RoHS compliant and meet SAE specifications.Available in sizes to specifically match 6 thru 2 Ga wire and assure a high-integrity crimp with high pull-off values, ETCO Battery Post Terminals can also be manufactured from steel and exotic alloys with various plating options including bright and matte finishes.  Custom designs are offered.ETCO Battery Post Terminals are priced according to material, style, and quantity.  Samples and literature are available upon request.