Plant managers and material handling supervisors seeking simple ways to demarcate plant walk-through paths can now use a portable, versatile bollard from Sentry Protection Products--- the Sentry Guard Post™, a re-design of the traditional bollard for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications.The ultralight Sentry Guard Post is 48 inches (1219 mm), tapering from 5” x 5” (125 x 125 mm), with a 14”  (355 mm) diameter round base.  Each side of the post has a 2.5” x 20” (63 x 500 mm) inset available to place reflective tape or other signage.  Watertight and hollow, Sentry Guard Post can be filled with ballast (e.g. sand or water) to increase stability.  It can also be attached with fasteners into a floor, dock, or any other flat base.  It can be staked to the ground if used away from the pavement.  The unit’s removable top is designed to work with plastic chain for traffic control.  Jim Ryan, General Manager of Sentry Protection Products, explains that the Sentry Guard Post was developed at the request of several worldwide customers looking to complement the Sentry solutions for parking (Park Sentry™ ) or industrial collision protection (Column Sentry® ).  Ryan comments, “Sentry Guard Post is a good example at how seemingly small changes in design details can make a product far more practical and versatile for a wide range of users.  Lightweight for moving or storing, but with added ballast able to endure real world conditions in a wide range of settings where traffic is being redirected, areas are being marked off-bounds, pedestrians are guided along walkways, or similar uses. The best feature, however, is that its design, combined with the unique colors available, make the product a handsome addition to any venue.  This product provides function, without making the site look like a construction zone.  Some of the available colors mimic the look of stone or metal, making this lightweight product appear much more permanent.  In combination with heavy duty plastic chain, this product offers a solution that looks imposing, but will not harm people or scratch vehicles who come in contact with it.”• Height - 48”(1220mm) • Base - 14”(355mm) • Weight - 6lbs.(2.7kg) • Volume - 5.75 gal (22liters)