New Professional Grade FORCEFLEX® ZOOMBANG®

Dec. 16, 2009

MCR Safety has the exclusive distribution of the patented Zoombang® technology for industrial hand protection.


Our ForceFlex Professional Grade offering includes Zoombang® technology in the palm which increases comfort while providing unparalleled protection from impact and vibration. One of the most distinguishing visual features is the Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) material which provides comprehensive protection for the knuckle and back of the hand. This protective material mirrors the bone structure of the human hand. A pull cord to ease donning plus a breathable mesh fabric back, synthetic leather palm, and micro terrycloth perspiration band are additional features.


The Zoombang® polymer is soft and fluid like to the touch. Upon impact, the Zoombang® stiffens and locks to a solid state providing maximum protection. After impact, Zoombang® returns to its soft, fluid like state. The polymer in Zoombang® padding is also referred to as a shear thickening substance. The shear thickening property is one of the key attributes that allow the pads to stiffen in proportion to the energy applied. Shear thickening refers to a material’s “stiffening” response to a shear stress, or force, which can occur as shock, vibration, or g-force side loads. At rest, Zoombang® will simply conform to the exact shape of whatever it is supporting. Add energy, in the form of shock, and the material will instantly stiffen.



About MCR Safety: One of MCR Safety’s most distinguishing characteristics is the fact we manufacture over half of our PPE offerings. We specialize in hand, eye and clothing protection as well as provide an assortment of hearing, respiratory, and foot protection. Our personal protective equipment offerings are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style. Our products are recognized in the marketplace as Professional Grade, Memphis Glove, Crews Eyewear, and River City Protective Clothing. We support and take great pride in providing our authorized distributors 99.4% order entry accuracy and 99.97% shipping accuracy.


MCR Innovations is designed to identify, develop and distribute "next-generation" PPE, utilizing the latest technologies and product innovations. The product portfolio is highly focused on technically unique offerings that provide safety solutions across the spectrum of hazards faced by workers today. MCR Innovations is an extension to our existing Sales team and enhances the assortment of services you have come to expect from MCR Safety.

These efforts and product introductions will further differentiate MCR Safety as a leading provider of PPE by supporting our vision of "Exceeding Expectations... Protecting Your Quality of Life".


Contact our Innovations Team at 800-955-6887 or visit our web site at to see the Zoombang® material in action.