Runabout PT600 personal transporter

Feb. 17, 2010
Arlington Equipment has announced the new Runabout PT600 personal transporter - light traction Industrial vehicle. The PT600 provides efficient personnel transportation and package delivery 600 lb. capacity including rider while offering the muscle to move pallets and tow carts. The PT600 incorporates a heavy duty transaxle drive, including enclosed transmission, differential and automatic parking brake. The accelerator, brake and forward-backward controls are handlebar mounted. A programmable, digital PWM system controls the motor. The Runabout PT600 includes as standard:•    Integrated charger•    Four wheel undercarriage, landing gear steering•    Back up alarm•    Horn•    12 volt electrical  utility ports•    Key master switch•    Battery status gauge•    Hour meter Options include:•    Shock isolated package deck for fragile medical and electronic payloads•    Tow pintle hooks or hitches•    Front push bar•    Snow- mud tires•    Explosion proof electricals•    Locking tool boxes•    Stretcher, long wheelbase models•    Four wheel automotive type steering•    Pole mounted strobe light