position and retention pin

Feb. 23, 2010
Master WorkHolding Inc. of Morganton NC is proud to announce the release of the newest member of our fixture component family. The hydraulically actuated position and retention pin (H-PRP).  Building on the ever popular (PRP) patented design which utilizes a metal to metal seal to eliminate contamination from entering the mechanism. MWH has developed the dual-purpose hydraulic version to first snap the work piece into position and then, once hydraulics are actuated, clamp the part for machining.•    Eccentric body and adjustable head make the H-PRP very flexible and easily adjust to casting variations.•    Can be used for primary, secondary and tertiary clamping.•    A simple rugged design makes them easy to install and service.•    Available in two capacities 500 lb & 1000 lb clamping force @ 5000 psi.•    The low profile size 500lb. (Ø1.25” x 2”) 1000lb. (Ø1.63 X 2.25) will allow for maximum part accessibility and machining from multiple sides while reducing the complexity of prismatic work holding.•    Reduces the cost of fixture components up to 50%.•    The first hydraulic clamping component without “pinch points”.•    Designed to utilize standard MWH heads.