Industrial Mini Panel PC with ARM9 processor

April 8, 2010
The front-side IP65-protected Kontron Pico Client with resistive 5.7-inch VGA TFT touch-screen (640x480) is designed for visualization and control tasks in machinery and equipment. Thanks to its low-power design, it is also attractive for mobile devices and vehicles. The Jazelle extension integrated in the 200MHz/32Bit ARM9 processor runs Java code directly on the hardware, which speeds up cross-platform Java applications by up to eight times. This enables Kontron’s low power  Panel PC to run even complex Java applications on an extremely compact footprint, bringing more flexibility and usability to cost sensitive applications with tight power restrictions in markets such as industrial and building automation, logistics and process control.For networked visualization and control tasks, two Real-Time Ethernet 100-Mbit interfaces are implemented so that both vertical and horizontal networking topologies are possible. This makes the fanless Kontron Pico Client the ideal human-machine interface (HMI) / Thin Client for networked machine operating concepts, as well as for building automation. For connecting peripherals, such as RFID or barcode readers, light curtains, and many other devices, the new panel PC features one USB and COM port (RS232 or RS485). The integrated SD memory card slot and the removable backup battery are positioned on the rear panel for ease of maintenance.The Kontron Panel PC Pico Client offers a cost-effective compact and rugged plastic housing (212 mm x 156 mm) with a 50 mm mounting depth. Power is supplied via 24 volts DC. The new Kontron Panel PC Pico Client supports Windows CE and is now available with CE, cULus and EN/UL60950-1 certification in EMEA and will be available in North America and APAC in Q2 2010.